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Our Story

The Story Behind the Name


I grew up just on the outskirts of a small town, in a rural farming community known as Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada. Our home wasn't large, but our yard was a decent size and given the fact that we were just outside of town, it gave my parents ample opportunity to allow me to culture my love for animals.


You see, even as a small child I had always dreamed of living "out in the country" and "having a hobby farm."  We certainly didn't have the farmland, but we did have the animals!


Throughout my childhood, we had dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, birds, lizards, chickens and geese.  We rescued strays, and even nursed wild birds, as well as raccoon kits back to health.  I was one happy kid, living a child's dream.

Fast forward to adulthood... and reality.  As most of us know all too well, life doesn't always go as planned.  We may begin our journey with a clear path in mind, but then we come across some detours along the way. Today, I like to think of those detours as "new adventures," because in many ways that has been what they have become.

Like others before me, I have learned that growth and happiness can still be achieved if we adapt and adjust our plans to accommodate the detours in life and use these experiences to embark on new adventures. 

That brings me to where I am today.  I may not have the hobby farm I once dreamed of as a child...but I do have a fantastic home on the outskirts of town, and 3 beautiful children where I can create lasting childhood memories by continuing to nurture their inherited love and passion for animals.

What better way to accomplish this than by breeding loving, playful, friendly, Bernedoodles!  Afterall, the Bernese Mountain Dog is my all-time favourite breed.  It is loyal, patient and overall a great family pet.  However, as gorgeous as a Berner is, one cannot turn a blind eye to the amount of shedding this breed endures...and the work that comes along with it.  Yes, I'm referring to the hair everywhere, and the constant vacuuming.  Which is why many families are turning to the "doodle" get the best of both worlds, the breed you love, without all the shedding of hair!

Our pet family also includes two Siamese cats, which my oldest two children named -- Star & Alexis.  It seemed only natural to allow my youngest to name the newest member of our family (our F1 mini-Bernedoodle).  And of course, she chose a name many young fans of Disney's Frozen would choose -- Elsa.

As time passed, and Elsa grew alongside my daughter, they became the best of friends.  Elsa is never far away from her favourite little person, and my daughter naturally gave her a nickname -- Elsa Dooey.  As a toddler, she'd walk around the house asking where her Dooey was, and calling her by name, "Elsa Dooey, Come."  Referencing our family dog as her "Little Dooey-Do." 


As a result, it only made sense for the legacy of "Dooey Doodles" to begin...

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